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What Ana Paz would do...


Hi everyone and thanks for being part of our Cake family! I often get asked so many of the same questions, that I decided some of you may like to know some of my tips for having a great experience with Ana Paz Cakes.




1-HOW TO KEEP YOUR CAKE TOP FRESH, EVEN AFTER A YEAR! The first thing to do is to have a designated person be in charge of recovering it from the venue where you are having your event. Then, take the cake home (we provide temporary boxes, if available). Once you have the cake in front of you, that night or perhaps the next day, make sure to store it in a hard plastic container that will withstand being handled throughout the year. Now, get a relatively thick plastic garbage bag and place the container inside of it, leaving as much air out of it and tye a tight knot at the top. Repeat the same procedure with another relatively thick plastic garbage bag leaving as much air out of it and tye another tight knot at the top. It is KEY to FREEZE IT as soon as possible and let it thaw naturally covered slightly with clear plastic wrap to consume. It should be fresh-tasting and tasty. If at all in doubt, discard it. You can always order a fresh one the following year.


We have had 100% success stories with this method and folks let us know that they devoured their tops after one year as it remains tasty!


2-SELECT A WEDDING PLANNER WITH A PROVEN RECORD! We recommend plenty of Bridal Consultants that have been in the business for years! Be Mindful that "Day-Of Wedding Planners" are helpful, yet they need the backstory of your entire event or events leading up to or after the Wedding. Be understanding and have an open mind for Plan B options, in all cases. Planners who know, know about Plan B options (rain, extra guests, bathroom attendants, umbrellas for you, mending kits, unexpected guests, etcetera). People in the Event Industry who are truly the best understand logistics, unexpected occurrences and can improvise without you even finding out that any issues may come up. 


3-CHOOSE YOUR DRESS, LOCATION OR VENUE AND CATERER FIRST ALONG WITH THE FLORIST, PHOTOGRAPHER and MAKE-UP ARTIST AND HAIR. (These are suggestions only) Make sure your vendors are licensed and insured as the ones below are. There is a reason for the saying, "you get what you pay for" in the Bridal and Event industry.


We love Chic Parisien and Ever After for their unique Bridal Gowns and service. 


The Biltmore Hotel, the Addison, Vizcaya, among others are beautiful venues to consider for memorable venues. For a Historic treat, try the hidden, ultra-luxe gem stable turned into a reception hall down in South Florida, known as the Cooper Estate. Complete with its unbelievable landscaping and grotto with Koi, that is a VIP's dream come true venue for a very private affair. And, Longan's Place is another little treasure you can discover in the Redlands.


​For Flowers, please  take a look at Avant Garderns who has simultaneously worked with us over 20 years for their Artistic talents, Quality, and they are familiar with large and luxe events. 



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