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Brides "pay it forward" by offering their own advice to upcoming brides...


Jessica Fetherston Attardi:Wrap the top of your wedding cake with Saran Wrap before you freeze it. We didn't and our delicious vanilla rum cake was not good. We were really looking forwarded to eating it on our one year anniversary. The night of our wedding the caterers just put it in the box, we left the next day for our honeymoon and my mother in law put it in the freezer for us. I didn't check it or know that it wasn't wrapped at all. It was very disappointing because your vanilla rum wedding cake was so delicious, everyone loved it at the wedding.



Elena Cuervo Rodriguez: I don't have cake advice but I do have advice for upcoming brides. Make sure you give your photographer a list of people you want to take pictures with because that night is too hectic and you will forget.It's my biggest regret because I don't have a picture of me with my best friend (my maid of honor) and she passed away 6 months ago. I have pictures with other people but not one of just the both of us.




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