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What Everyone Is Saying About Us!!!!!!!!

Ana Paz Specialty Cakes is Miami's most famous premium Cake company having made their signature Vanilla Rum Cake the most delectable around in the South Florida area since 1978. Ana pioneered the way hotels in Miami use custom-made decorated cakes by companies as hers. The one and only local celebrity Cake Chef has made edible creations for Charlie Crist, Jennifer Lopez, Timbaland, Katie Holmes, Paulina Rubio, Mike Piazza, Skye Dyer (daughter of the internationally known inspirational speaker, Dr.Wayne Dyer), power couples like Emilio and Gloria Estefan, Barry and Linda Gibb, the fresh music producer, Pharrel Williams and model, Helen Lasichanh,  A-List Star, Kyle McLachlan whose lovely and beautiful wife is Project Runway's Executive Producer, Desiree Gruber  and Oscar and  Ellen Feldenkreiss, owners of the global fashion empire that is Perry Ellis, to name a few. National hero Senator John McCain has had her scrumptious Chocolate Luxe Cake and Ana was even invited to The White House along with celebrities like Carlos Ponce (whom you may remember as Salvadore, a sexy yoga instructor, in the 2009 comedy Couples Retreat) to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month during the Geoerge W. Bush term. This is why she has been deemed, "Baker to the Stars," by The Miami Herald and Miami's Cake Expert by those who savor her one and only secret family recipe!

"South Florida's Platinum List Cake Vendor 2014."

"Sweet talk with Ana Paz, The Queen Of Cakes."

"Ana Paz's Cake-Making started out small-then the celebrities started calling."

"They are pros."

"The cake is perfect for an outdoor ceremony..."

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